“Freedom is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.”
~ Ronald Reagan
Thank you for supporting the 1776 Society and preserving patriotism in America.
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What Is The 1776 Society?

The 1776 Society: For those who are serious about Preserving Patriotism and Freedom in America
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From: 1776 Society Founders

November 18, 2021

Fellow Patriot,

How would you like to join the best community of patriots...

PLUS receive exclusive discounts every month...

Keep reading and I'll tell you how...

The 1776 Society Needs You! 

We need people like you in the leadership of the 1776 Society and we need you to tell your friends about it.

When you join the 1776 Society as a Founding Member, you'll get access to all of the benefits you see above...

Today, it’s our pleasure to inform you that your membership application is already pre-approved.

All you do is say "yes" below and we'll send your access right away (more on that in a moment)...
The 1776 Society needs YOU!
The 1776 Society was founded by upright citizens like you. We are a community for Patriots who love freedom and America. 

1776 Society members share genuine concerns about protecting our patriotism, freedom and families.

For our members, the 1776 Society is a community.

It's a way for us to share our combined wisdom and express our frustrations.

We swap tricks, hacks and techniques that make us all better patriots.

This club is not for those out only for their own well-being.

We are a family society.

We understand there is strength in numbers and together we are unstoppable.

Soon, you’ll enjoy great benefits and privileges of 1776 Society “Founders” membership, for example:
Benefit #1 Instant UNLIMITED access to our private 1776 Society online group.
You’ll get INSTANT unlimited access to our private members community. As a member, the group is yours to access 24/7, chat with friends, share info or be a fly-on-the-wall and learn.

The group is where we announce new discounts and speakers.

You’ll want to check in often! 
Benefit #2 Access to Member Exclusive Deals & FREE GIFTS
Exclusive Deals and Discounts to American Made Patriotic Collectibles!

The 1776 Society is fortunate to have products donated by manufacturers on a regular basis, meaning even more free deals for you.

These companies are eager to let our members try their products, so we pass them along to you, FREE!

There are no strings attached.

Everything from patriotic t-shirts to collectible coins and bills. It seems like there is always something EVERY month worth at LEAST $40.
Benefit #3 Your Membership Supports Great Causes
Try Out The "1776 Society" Risk Free!
Yes, join the 1776 Society as Founding member, risk free! Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

Your small monthly dues are all it takes to run the organization.

How small?

Just 19.99 per month or about .63 a day.

You get everything, all the benefits, privileges and discounts.

All for pennies.
"How Can We Give You All This And Not Go Flat Broke"

Why so little?

Allow me to explain.

Responsible citizens, people like you are valuable to companies.

Companies who manufacture the best-selling patriotic products.

They want your attention, they want your opinion and they need your word of mouth advertising.

That’s why they make donations of products to the 1776 Society.

That's why it's possible for us to basically GIVE you membership.

It's next to nothing compared to all that you get in return.
Your time to act is now.

I must warn you.

You only have minutes left to reply to our invitation.

Club rules state once this invitation has expired we must withdrawal your nomination.

Your FOUNDERS status will be revoked.

...and your benefits will be forfeited and offered to the next qualified person.

So please don’t delay and miss out.

Click the button below now to join this community for Patriots who love freedom and America.

Thanks and Welcome,

1776 Society Founders

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